What We Do

Much more than a corporate advisory firm, Serendipity Capital has been instrumental in securing funding for hundreds of positive impact and ESG-focused business, on every continent.


Education & Awareness

Educating and informing both investors and organisations on the new wave of positive impact investment - helping to create an ecosystem for sustainable investment into companies, organisations and projects with the purpose of generating measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.



Leveraging Serendipity Capital's expansive global network to strategically source, evaluate and deliver investment ready, stand-out positive impact businesses and projects.



Raising equity funding, seed capital, development capital and multi-asset investment solutions from Serendipity Capital's proprietary investment community consisting global private clients, HNW & UHNW individuals, family offices, financial institutions and intermediaries. 


Value Add

Utilising Serendipity Capital's international roster of industry experts and specialist advisors to provide services including: -

Business Development

Cost Reduction

Revenue Enhancement

Customer Development

Non-Exec / Board Advisory

Network Introductions

Corporate Restructuring

Valuation and Structuring

Secondary Financing



Providing senior business and investment-level introductions to clients for whom positive impact fundraising provided by Serendipity Capital may be not be appropriate at the current juncture.